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    Concept: innovative technology, development technology is very important, but more importantly…
    cultural core
    The core explanation: achievement is the realization of the value of life. No matter what the origin is……
    innovation and honesty
    Belief explanation: uphold the integrity oriented, fair treatment, bravely strive for…

    Jiangyin Kangmin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D and production: Italy automatic winder of domestic electrical and mechanical parts; Italy automatic winder accessories sales company; Italy mesdb splicer series accessories; models: 490L, 498Q, 4923Q (Shui Nian), 4924E (Shui Nian), 590L, 594690L etc.; …

    With the aim of "reputation first, service first", our company is trusted by our customers. 

    The company has offices in Shanghai, Fujian, Changle and Xuzhou, with more than more than 200 users nationwide.

    We have won high praise from our customers with first-class quality, excellent service and excellent technology.

    High efficiency production

    Professional production

    The company has over 20 years of experience in research, development, production and sales. 

    Quality assurance

    Customer satisfaction

    Policy plus, equipment manufacturing listed companies speed up "sea"
    In the context of the state's push to "get out" of equipment manufacturing, the pace of "going out" of listed companies has accelerated significantly.
    China's food packaging development focuses on the technical content and safety level.
    Food packaging is an integral part of food commodities and is one of the main projects in the food industry. It protect the food, make food to consumers' hands in leave factory circulation process, pr
    The new energy investment for the 13th five-year plan will reach 14 billion yuan.
    This year, the city accelerated the construction of a 100MW photovoltaic power station in anshan, and promoted the construction of five 20MW distributed photovoltaic power station projects, including
    The regional characteristics of China's bearing market are very obvious.
    From the perspective of China's bearing market industry pattern, the regional characteristics of China's bearing market development are very obvious. The regional disparity also reflects the uneven de